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With technical dignostics we support:

very high assurance and reliability with perspective on prolongation of maintenance cycles and reduction of further damage.

objective technical condition must be determined without dismounting and operation discontinuation.

evaluation must be done based on reliability of whole machine system

From the viewpoint of complex solution technical diagnostics can be divided:

discovery of rising malfunction - detection

assesment of defective unit or node - localization

prognosis of remaining operating life - prediction

Diagnostics from the viewpoint of machinery setting-up:

preassembly diagnostics

diagnostics after final assembly - during debugging and final inspection

operating time diagnostics - service, inspectional or monitoring


  • periodical machinery and tools measurement, bearing condition monitoring and detection of dynamic conditions like unbalance, abaxiality etc.
  • non-periodical measurement of problematic machinery
  • implementation of vibrodiagnostics into maintenance system


  • basic analysis of oil and lubricant samples
    • for haulage contractors and construction machinery
    • for processing machinery and tools

NC and CNC machinery diagnostics

  • accuracy of CNC machinery progression monitoring
  • circular interpolation according to ISO 230-4
  • geometry measurement according to ISO 230-1


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