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tribodiagnostics (TD) is no-dismantling method which is carried out on a oil sample. TD identify technical condition of machinery in advance - unit doesn`t manifest any negative behavior at this stage. This is the difference from other technical diagnostics. Maintenance schedule can be created with TD which ensure reliable machine operation. Suitable oil application and keeping it in non-degraded and pure state can decrease failure rate and maintenance costs to minimum.

Tribodiagnostic service consist of:

Monitoring of oil filling degradation:

  • kinematics viscosity at 40°C according to ČSN EN ISO 3104
  • kinematics viscosity at 100°C according to ČSN EN ISO 3104
  • acidity number according to ČSN 65 6070
  • demulsification characteristics according to ČSN 65 6229
  • inflamation point in open fire pot according to ČSN EN ISO 2592
  • spectroscopy - methodology
  • sample characteristics (look, color) – methodology

Monitoring of oil filling contamination:

  • cleanness code according to ČSN 65 6206
  • mechanical contamination by filtration according to ČSN 65 6219
  • coulometric water content according ČSN 65 0330, ISO 760

Determination of machinery deterioration:

  • microscopic ferrography- methodology
  • REO ferrography – methodology

Technical report is part of the first oil sample analysis evaluation. Data evaluation protocol is part of repetitive analysis. These documents contain development trends of monitored parameters and conclusion with recommendations for given oil filling and machinery.

Evaluation will be done within 14 days since receiving samples.

Within tribodiagnostic service we offer:

taking of oil samples by our technician, determining suitable supply point

oil filtration with mobile filtration unit

we provide evaluation of physiochemical properties of lubricants and oil emulsions

application and offer of suitable lubricant

lubrication schedule concept creation

outsourcing of oil mangement - monitoring and recording of oil consumption, evidence of lubrication schedules with software tool OIL 2000

special trainings, technical helpdesk


  • periodical machinery and tools measurement, bearing condition monitoring and detection of dynamic conditions like unbalance, abaxiality etc.
  • non-periodical measurement of problematic machinery
  • implementation of vibrodiagnostics into maintenance system


  • basic analysis of oil and lubricant samples
    • for haulage contractors and construction machinery
    • for processing machinery and tools

NC and CNC machinery diagnostics

  • accuracy of CNC machinery progression monitoring
  • circular interpolation according to ISO 230-4
  • geometry measurement according to ISO 230-1


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