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Primary objective of machinery vibration monitoring is to supply information about machinery operating and technical condition in order to ensure strategic maintenance planning and managing. Integral part of this process is mainly evaluation of vibrations degree and behavior during actual service.

Spinning machinery vibrations are closely connected to machine`s dynamic stress, condition of bearings, gear-units, unbalance, abaxiality , cracks in vital components, deterioration etc. So it`s monitoring and evaluation is part of the primary and decisive methods of technical diagnostics.

Development of vibrodiagnostics is in fact tracing development of technical diagnostics methods. This means starting with sensational and visual perceptions, simple efforts of amplifying vibratory or more precisely noise signal, up to utilization of modern measuring techniques with uttermost predicative abilities about technical condition of monitored object.

Vibrodiagnostics use vibrations as a diagnostic parameter which are caused by dynamic stress to machine. This very diagnostic parameter gives information for determining actual technical condition of spinning machinery. Early detection of possible failure is essential prerequisite for strategic planning of remedial measures.

Most common detectable failures causing vibrations are:

Unbalance of rotors

Abaxiality of couplings, bearings and gears

Mechanical relaxation

Damaged anti-friction bearing

Gears deterioration


Hydraulic and aerodynamic problems

Electrical malfunctions



We offer:

periodical measurement of processing machinery and tools, monitoring of bearing condition and detection of dynamic states such as unbalance, abaxiality etc.

non-periodical measurement of problematic processing machinery

implementation of vibrodiagnostics into maintenance system

technical helpdesk, training

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  • periodical machinery and tools measurement, bearing condition monitoring and detection of dynamic conditions like unbalance, abaxiality etc.
  • non-periodical measurement of problematic machinery
  • implementation of vibrodiagnostics into maintenance system


  • basic analysis of oil and lubricant samples
    • for haulage contractors and construction machinery
    • for processing machinery and tools

NC and CNC machinery diagnostics

  • accuracy of CNC machinery progression monitoring
  • circular interpolation according to ISO 230-4
  • geometry measurement according to ISO 230-1


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